Synergy Technology delivers a range of training courses to support our clients

Targeted training to ensure you make the most of your software investment

Without the appropriate training, even the best business solutions can fail, hence receiving the appropriate training as part of your overall IT investment is critical. Our bespoke training schemes can help improve morale, reduce staff turnover and lower recruitment costs, as well as empowering your staff to increase their effectiveness, ability and productivity.

By understanding your requirements Synergy Technology can deliver a targeted training programme which is both practical and directly related to applying the skills and particular needs of your business, ensuring you have the confidence and knowledge needed to use your applications.

All of our courses can be delivered on site or at our dedicated training facilities. Our qualified and committed instructors lead courses ranging from introductory through to advanced level, supporting our industry leading software packages.

We pride ourselves in delivering courses to improve knowledge and user understanding of this suite of tools to improve communication, document creation and business information analysis.

We believe training is the key to providing a quick return on your investment with any new application. Our ongoing refresher training also ensures that key skills are not forgotten, ensuring best practice and encouraging efficiency within your workplace.

Maximise the performance of your team and business application

Sometimes just a little more help makes a lot of difference.

If your application software users could benefit from training, Synergy Technology offers a wide range of training programmes
for SuperOffice CRM, Pegasus Opera 3, Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central.

From getting beginners started, setting up administrative users, developing bespoke training, promoting advanced training
or just delivering a refresher course to improve efficiency, we can help you across all these popular applications.

To discuss your software training requirements contact our Sales Team on 0345 456 0050.

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Pegasus Opera 3 for accounting and payroll systems

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