The total business solution to a secure digital workspace

Citadel is a managed IT workspace designed to offer both security and flexibility designed for the forward thinking business.

Citadel is a flexible service that combines the most powerful IT components available to business users, with leading edge hardware technology. Operational with business software provided by world renowned developers and hosted in secure and modern data centres based in the UK, Citadel delivers the latest IT technology directly to your managed desktop.

By adopting Citadel your in-house IT requirements will be greatly simplified and streamlined – and  Citadel then takes care of all your server related matters by hosting the IT hardware and software for your business. The service is backed by Citadel’s dedicated Service Desk team providing Help support for both the system and application users.

Moving your IT system to Citadel’s hosted workspace eliminates your business IT function from having to manage desktops, software applications and IT maintenance and releases both valuable time and money for your team to focus on more fundamental customer driven business objectives.

Citadel digital workspace - focus on your business not your IT

Remove the burden

Citadel eliminates the need to furnish your business with expensive server hardware. By providing a hosting and provisioning platform this removes the requirements for an in-house server and subsequent in-house maintenance and server-based IT support.

Empower yourself and your team with the most up-to-date mobile devices available on the market offering significant additional cost benefits and user flexibility.

Enable your business to maintain a completely mobile workspace, controlled with full configuration, security and support capabilities.

Citadel offers a secure digital workspace that can be accessed remotely for people who work on the go. Allowing for either company provided devices or opting for Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD), the Citadel system works with a wide range of modern devices.

A secure hosted workplace. Virtually anywhere

Implementing Citadel removes the need for a local Microsoft Exchange mail server, any Microsoft Office licences and server management – this is all provided and managed by Citadel on your behalf.

By offering users the choice and flexibility to work from any device and any location, users have secure access to their desktop and all of their mobile applications, including fully-integrated email, file sharing and sync, browser and IT services – all hosted and supported by Citadel.

Full access to business emails | Full access to file shares and storage (as required at user level) | Remote Access and Mobile device access to email | Spam and Virus Protection  | Remote and telephone IT Support Service.

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Build your business. Not your IT department

Suitable and flexible to meet the needs of the modern business, moving to Citadel will improve your business performance:

  • Reduces upfront IT capital costs – By adopting Citadel secure digital workspace you avoid high upfront costs associated with the acquisition of hardware and software.
  • Improves planning of future IT expenditure – Your business IT budget can be managed and planned in advance. Your commitment is based on regular payment instalments which can be adapted according to user licences and the level of storage and resources used by your business.
  • Frees time to focus on your business and IT strategic planning – the professional IT support provided with Citadel eliminates the need for your IT team to be distracted by software updates, patches and ongoing maintenance and IT server related matters.
  • Offers flexibility to fit your business needs – Adapt your hosted storage and software requirements and user licences with the changing needs of your business.
  • Supports you and your business – Citadel host and manage your digital workspace and look after you. Citadel will alert you to any security vulnerability or system problems in your applications and programs and provide immediate support.


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