The insights you need to make better decisions

SuperOffice Dashboards will improve sales efficiency and secure revenue

In today’s increasingly fast-paced working environment, the biggest challenge is not getting enough information, but getting information visualised in such a way that it’s easily understandable at a glance. In order to stay on top of your business, it is key that you have access to real-time data that can provide you with the answers to critical business questions.

Having instant access to key business information not only enables you to make smarter and faster business decisions, but also ensures that your productivity goals are met and efforts are translating into real sales.

SuperOffice CRM Business Software

The solution’s powerful data visualisation capabilities allow the business user to view their own data in a simple and meaningful way.

SuperOffice Dashboards is a predefined analytics package with very short implementation time. Just start clicking and become instantly productive

SuperOffice Dashboards will work with you to create focus, inspiration and enthusiasm around important areas (KPIs) for your company

SuperOffice offers a variety of standard reporting options. Create reports on any combination of data – from customers, prospects, activities and sales – and all results are easily exported to Microsoft Excel.

Business insight into your activities

With powerful visualisation capabilities, SuperOffice Dashboards gives you the insights you need to make better decisions. Based on the latest dashboard technology, this add-on module analyses data straight from your SuperOffice system, enabling you to view your critical business data from every angle, in a simple graphical view.

Each SuperOffice dashboard is transparent and role-based to ensure focus on the right metrics with the ability to react to changing business needs. Right out of the box it provides dashboards for the roles top management, sales management, sales people and marketing.

The solution is accessible at all times through your web browser and does not require any local client installation. No waiting for outdated reports, no more guessing. Just fast answers to critical business questions.

“With built-in dashboards, pipeline management and forecasting are everyday tasks in SuperOffice. All opportunities of individual sales people – or sales teams – are right there at your fingertips.”

Tony Poole, Synergy Technology

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