Any data you need – exactly the way you want it.

Empower users to make better decisions and faster.

Copy and Waste

You are spending too many hours copying and pasting in order to compile the information you need, reducing resource effectiveness and wasting valuable time.

Manual Processing is Error Prone

Your data shouldn’t suffer from the manual, error-prone task of piecing important financial and operational information together. Inaccurate reports impact the success of your business.

Custom Reports are Expensive

Between report variations, changes, custom “tweaks” and the inevitable ERP upgrade, your reports are costing you more than they should be and you’re having to rely on technical specialists.

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Easily create standardised reports, even when you’re using advanced features in NAV such as dimensions and flow fields.

An easy way to store your Excel logic, increasing productivity by reducing repetition of tasks and making it easy to share with others.

Determine what tables and fields you need for reporting, eliminating the need to sort through those that aren’t relevant. You can also share your favorites with others.

What is Jet Essentials?

Jet Essentials is a software add-on for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Because it is fully integrated into Dynamics NAV you can easily access and consolidate the data you need to create meaningful reports in a familiar excel environment.

Immediate Access Inside of Excel
Jet Reports runs directly inside the most widely-used analysis tool in the world.
Create financial and business reports using the same fields and calculations you’re used to, with real-time data directly from your Microsoft Dynamics database. No exporting, re-keying, reformatting or copying & pasting. Simply all the data you need – exactly the way you want it.


There are two levels the security can be managed one, Designers and Viewers. This lets you manage access to information without hindering your employees’ ability to get the job done.


With the Jet Scheduler distribution is simplified. It ensures you get the correct information to the people who need it, fast. You can also create alerts to help your employees stay on track.


You can create dashboards and reports to comply with government or other reporting requirements. Also whilst creating these you can customise them down to the cell.

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