Perform all your credit control tasks within a single system

Do you want to get paid faster? Our credit control software automates many day-to-day credit control processes

Great new features include:

  • Enjoy the up-to-date look and feel of the latest features facelift!
  • Speed up your credit management using home screen widgets that can be moved, deleted and resized to fit your own needs.
  • Select multiple records easily and group actions with new list page tick check function.
  • Filter tasks daily, weekly and monthly with the new To-Do List feature.
  • Assign tasks to other users, so tasks don’t get missed when you are away from the office or on holiday.
  • Save time with improved syncing processes between Dynamics NAV and Credit Hound.

Credit control is an important component in the overall profitability of your organisation. If not properly managed, even profitable businesses go under. With a vibrant cash flow, management has the focus to drive business growth and the required resourced to achieve business goals.

Credit Hound is an award-winning credit management software that helps automate your credit control processes, providing expert protection for your business. Designed to help you reduce the time it takes to be paid, Credit Hound gives your credit control department the tools to improve cash flow, reduce average debtor days and most importantly save time.

Credit Hound software

You can easily track and record your disputed invoices. This information is displayed clearly on the home screen, bringing your attention to the details of your current disputed invoices. This acts as a constant reminder that you have issues that need resolving.

Once the telephone call is completed, Credit Hound can generate any required follow-up letters. Within minutes of your conversation ending your customer can receive a letter, and be in no doubt about their obligation to pay.

Credit Hound is flexible and fully scalable to suit the occasional user or a whole team of credit controllers. It fully integrates with Spindle Professional and Microsoft Dynamics NAV, enabling you to automatically email, fax, print and archive documents.

What is Credit Hound?

When integrated into Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Credit Hound add-on software enables you to perform all your credit control tasks within a single system, making it simple to monitor and keep in contact with your customers. Now you can be made aware of any potential issues and can hold a tighter rein on the credit you offer.

Credit Hound has a host of features that help improve credit control, increase working capital and reduce bad debts quickly, saving you time and improving your business bank balance.

With it’s unique, automated contact management facility, Credit Hound allows you to chase 60 or more customers in the time it would take chasing six by traditional manual practices.

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