27 Jun 2019

Microsoft Release Wave 2 Updates for Dynamics 365

2019 will see many innovative changes for Business Central users, with Microsoft’s release wave 2, which will provide you with significant capabilities to transform your business through different Dynamics 365 applications.

With wave 2, Business Central will have enhanced artificial intelligence capabilities to help organisations accelerate their transformation of customer service, sales and marketing functions, as well as other applications. Here are some of the things you can expect to arrive with the wave 2 release:

  • Sales InsightsThis will help to empower teams with more foresight which will enhance productivity and help employees to better anticipate outcomes across the sales lifecycle.
  • Customer Service InsightsThis provides an actionable view into critical performance metrics, operational data, and emerging trends using industry-leading artificial intelligence.
  • Virtual Agent for Customer ServiceThis will enable organisations to create AI-powered bots that can chat with customers and helps to provide new opportunities for organisation to improve customer service through digital transformation.
  • Customer InsightsThis will enable every organisation to unify and understand their customer data to harness it for intelligent insights and actions.
  • Market InsightsThis will enable business users to gather actionable insights based on what consumers say, seek, and feel about their brands and products.
  • Fraud ProtectionThis will enable the e-commerce merchants to drive down fraud loss, increase their bank acceptance rates to yield higher revenue, and to improve users online shopping experience.

New Experiences

Furthermore, your business will gain a whole new set of experiences to enhance employee productivity using mixed reality with the wave 2 release. With the use of remote assist, it will empower your technicians to solve user issues much faster the first time. Updates to the layout will provide your business with a new way for space planners to bring designs from concept to completion with high confidence and speed.

With product visualise, you will help to empower your sales team to convey the true potential of your products to your customers by harnessing the power of augmented reality on their mobile devices. Another example of what is to come is the guides for Microsoft HoloLens, which can help your business employees to learn in the flow of work by providing them with holographic instructions when and where they are needed.

Early Access

All these new features and capabilities will be available from Friday 2nd August 2019. This early access will try and validate all the new features and capabilities that will be part of the 2019 release wave 2 before they become enabled automatically for all end-users.

General Availability

The Microsoft Release Wave 2 will start to be implemented to all Dynamics 365 users on Tuesday 1st October 2019 and will last up to March 2020. Specific deployment dates for each country/region or instance will be communicated to all users in advance.

If you want to learn more about how Dynamics 365 can aid your business or how wave 2 release will affect you, then please get in touch with Synergy Technology today on 0345 456 0050.


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17 Jun 2019

Latest Pegasus Opera SE Updates

Pegasus has been extremely productive so far in 2019, in which a lot of interesting development has been occurring, preparing for Opera SE.

Some of the development updates which have already been released include:

  • Opera 3 (version 2.60.12) which has included the Making Tax Digital import, the inclusion of Making Tax Digital bridging software (allowing for communication with HMRC’s systems) and improved Making Tax Digital messaging and display information.
  • Pegasus Web Xchange (version 2.00.50) which included an uplift for Welsh tax and postgraduate loans.
  • XRL (version 1.66.00) which has included an uplift of datalink for Payroll 19 and Making Tax Digital.
  • P11D Organiser (version 2019.2.1) which has included the legislative changes for the 1019-20 tax year and some minor software improvements.


There are a few software developments/upgrades which are still in progress…

Pegasus XRL and Payroll for Opera 3 SQL SE

Even though there have been updates made to Pegasus XRL earlier in the year, there are further updates being carried out. Pegasus has released a statement to say that both XRL and Payroll have completed the developmental stage, with XRL in testing currently with Payroll to follow when testing resources become available.

Both developments have impacted with engineering resources being re-allocated to support the rollout of Maxing Tax Digital, VAT consolidation, Making Tax Digital Import and Making Tax Digital Bridging Software.

With XRL for Opera SE, Pegasus have engineered a new Datalink for SE and a new security model to access the underlying Opera 3 SE database. Also, this new security model will be used to furnish their reporting services solution in the future.

Windows Server 2019 and Office 2019 Support

Pegasus has scheduled for the implementation of support for Windows Server 2019 and Office 2019 at the end of June 2019.

A recent statement from Pegasus states that although they have successfully tested the Opera 3 Making Tax Digital with VAT solution on both platforms, they are unable to quantify the impact .NET 4.7.2 may have on other components on the Pegasus platform and they cannot disregard Microsoft’s position that it is not supported. Therefore, they have had to withdraw the support for these platforms in the meantime whenever Making Tax Digital is in use.

If you need any help or advice on these current support changes, then the Synergy Technology team can help. Please contact helpdesk@synergytechnology.co.uk for support on this issue.

Other developments to come include:

  • Pegasus CIS (versions 4.02.00) which will implement Reverse Charge VAT – scheduled for Summer 2019.
  • Further updates to Pegasus Web Xchange which will implement a technological uplift to .NET 4.7.2 and TLS 1.2 – scheduled for Summer 2019.
  • Bill of Materials for SE


If you have any questions about the latest updates and how they might affect you, then get in touch with the Synergy Technology team today on 0345 456 0050.

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11 Jun 2019

SuperOffice 8.5 Release with 66 Improvements and Fixes

A major update has come at the end of May for SuperOffice, with the release of the latest update which has been 66 improvements and bug fixes.

Major Fixes

Some of the major fixes included with the SuperOffice 8.5 release are:

  • 50+ new form templates have been added to the Online Template library
  • New preferences added to suppress splash screen to install/upgrade web tools
  • Possible to view and edit ExtraTables in Sales – Web panel
  • You can select a language when using reply templates in a ticket
  • The quick search box in Service is compatible to have ‘#’ searches to get the tag chooser.

Other bugs which have been fixed range from issues with the translation of tags, tickets remaining on the software after being deleted, being unable to open Online Template library in FireFox and many more.

You can visit the SuperOffice community page online to view a full list of the bug fixes and improvements in the latest release. Click here to go to the SuperOffice website. 

If you still have an issue with your SuperOffice which you would like advice on how to fix, then please get in touch with Synergy Technology today and our experts will try and help. Get in touch on 0345 456 0050 today.

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30 May 2019

HMRC Issues Affecting Making Tax Digital Users

Notice for Opera 3 users: operational issues have arisen following a recent update to the Making Tax Digital software. Although only a small fraction of the userbase is affected, it’s important to be aware of potential issues with your system.

Synergy Technology is here to help. If you’re experiencing problems, including any not listed below, please contact our knowledgeable team on 0345 456 0050 today.

HMRC has advised that there is currently an issue with the MTD VAT service affecting some users. Those users are either unable to submit their VAT Returns or are finding that previous VAT returns are incorrectly being regarded by HMRC as unsubmitted.

If the affected user has yet to submit their VAT return, and the MTD VAT Centre shows the expected VAT period as due for submission, they should submit their return as usual.

Known HMRC Issues within MTD

Error 9 “Data type mismatch” appears when trying to commit the VAT Return

If error 9 appears when trying to commit your VAT Return, you should update your Opera 3 system to version 2.60.12 or later. These versions contain an update to meet new HMRC requirements and enable successful submission.

After a successful MTD submission, the MTD VAT Centre displays the previous VAT period due for submission

After successfully submitting your VAT using the MTD VAT Centre, the previous VAT period may incorrectly remain. In this case, simply exit and reopen the MTD VAT Centre to refresh the next VAT period due.

It is possible that refreshing this data will not fix the issue and the previously submitted period will still appear. In this case, the error is related to HMRC’s back-end MTD VAT system. HMRC has announced that a fix is expected in mid-June 2019.

If this issue has occurred within your Opera 3 system, we advise contacting HMRC’s VAT Helpline and explaining that the issue is preventing the correct VAT Period from being generated, rendering it impossible to commit the next valid Tax Return.

The MTD VAT Centre fails to display the correct VAT period due for submission

For some users, the following warning message may appear: “An Open VAT Period could not be retrieved from HMRC so the VAT period dates will not be displayed.” This can result in no VAT period being displayed as the next period due for submission.

This error is also due to known issues within HMRC’s back-end MTD VAT system. Again, fix is expected in mid-June 2019.

We advise contacting HMRC’s VAT Helpline and explaining the situation, specifically that the software cannot obtain any ‘open’ obligation periods from the HMRC system.

Synergy Technology’s experts are on-hand to help you resolve any Opera 3 issues. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance or additional information.

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30 May 2019

Updates to Document Capture & Expense Management for Business Central

There have been some exciting new updates to the Document Capture & Expense Management add-ons from Continia this May. The latest add-on upgrades are designed to make your Business Central more dynamic and to improve user experience.

The Expense Management add-on can benefit your business by providing a clear overview of your data and easy management of all types of incoming expenses, without you having to use other systems outside of Business Central.

With Document Capture, this add-on can help to streamline and automate every step of your company’s document handling, which includes invoices, contracts, certificates, and other documents. You can find out more about Document Capture here.

You can find the latest update features listed below.

Continia Document Capture (version 5.50)

  • Introduction of ABBYY FineReader version 12 (the OCR system that coverts your scanned documents, PDF documents and image files into editable formats).
  • A simplified and enhanced user interface, along with permission sets.
  • All previous bug fixes released with Document Capture version 5.00 and 4.50 are included with the version 5.50.


With the release of version 5.50 of Continia Document Capture, your company will continue to have improved functionality, enhanced approval experience and an easily accessible and manageable interface.

Continia Expense Management (version 3.50)

  • Corporate Credit Cards with employee payment is now supported, which is used by American Express and some Eurocard agreements.
  • A credit card can now be used between multiple users.
  • Expenses can be handled with external payroll systems, just like mileage.
  • All previous bug fixes released with Expense Management version 3.00 and 2.60 are included with version 3.50.
  • Continia Web Approval Portal has been upgrade to now support Office 365 logins, for both the Continia Cloud and on-premises versions. Also, mileage attachments can now be added.


If you haven’t used Expense Management before and are wondering whether you credit card provider is supported with this add-on, then click here to find out.

Moreover, Document Capture (version 5.50) and Expense Management (version 3.50) can be used with the new Data Upgrade Tools from Microsoft.


If you want to find out more about the latest updates to Document Capture and Expense Management add-ons from Continia, or if you need advice on how to use either add-on, then please get in touch with Synergy Technology today on 0345 456 0050.

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10 May 2019

Bespoke Software Development & Integration from Synergy Technology

At Synergy Technology, we have been delivering business solutions since 1997. During this time, we have assisted numerous customers to increase their focus on running their business. One of the services we are known for at Synergy Technology is our bespoke software development and integration with existing systems.

Expert Consultants

We can develop you a software to meet the requirements of your business, which can be smoothly integrated into existing systems. Our expert consultants can provide you with custom-built solutions once they fully understand your business, which are designed to save your company time and energy.

We can help to identify technology which we know will improve your business performance to ensure that all IT strategies are aligned with your commercial and business objectives.

Integration & Add-ons

With Synergy Technology, you can integrate 3rd party products into your systems to create a fully-integrated framework in which all the necessary tools are in one place. We already have a large collection of add-ons prepared especially for businesses like yours, therefore we are ready for anything you need. It can even be as simple as adjusting your management system to include extra necessary fields that you require to input record data.

However, if you find that we do not offer the add-on you require, then don’t let this discourage you. You can easily get in touch with us and we will offer you suggestions on how to make your software meet your business requirements.

Benefits to Your Company

There are multiple ways in which your company can benefit from using Synergy Technology for custom-built solutions for your software and applications to integrate into existing systems. These include:

  1. Improved risk management: This can help to increase resilience and to reduce the risk of replacing ageing applications and systems.
  2. Company collaboration: This will help to improve communication between your company’s employees, which will allow for more flexible working practices.
  3. Higher quality work: Improved quality, availability and accessibility of your key business information and data.
  4. Sophisticated automation: You can automate business processes, which will help to free up valuable time for you and your colleagues to focus on other business.

No matter the circumstances, our specialist Synergy Technology consultants will find a way to make your required software follow your business practices, without you having to change the way you work to follow the software limitations.

Call Synergy Technology on 0345 456 0050 today and speak to your account manager about our system integration system. Alternatively, mention it when we are next visiting!

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