15 Feb 2019

SuperOffice 8.4 R5 Released

SuperOffice has released the latest version of its software, bringing new features and fixes for consumers. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the major changes included in version 8.4 R5!

Major updates in SuperOffice Version 8.4 R5:

  • New online template library for mailings and forms
    • Build new email campaigns more swiftly
  • Import of persons not linked to a company
    • Keep your database up-to-date more easily
  • Service – attachments moved to message header
    • Usability upgrade
  • Inbox – delete button moved to email toolbar
    • Improved functionality and ease-of-use
  • Chat – Get consent to sales and service (store) in pre-chat form
    • Ensure communications are consensual
  • Performance improvements
  • Bug fixes and improvements

Now that version 8.4 R5 is released, the next scheduled update is SuperOffice 8.4 – R05, aimed at on-site customers.

N.B. .NET 4.7.1 is a prerequisite to this version 8.4 R05. All travel users must also perform a homecoming before this upgrade can be completed.

SuperOffice continually rolls out updates to ensure its consumers receive the very best. We can expect to see further operational improvements as the latest versions of the SuperOffice software are released. For more details, please contact the Synergy Technology team on 0345 456 0050.

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15 Feb 2019

Pocket CRM

SuperOffice Pocket CRM offers a quick and convenient way to access your entire CRM database on virtually any mobile device. Simply install this easy-to-use module on your smartphone or tablet to enjoy full access to your SuperOffice system and database when on the move.

Searching through records, updating your listed companies and relations, contacting specific personnel via email, SMS or phone calls – Pocket CRM can do it all.

This outstanding module allows you to work when on the move just as efficiently as though you were in the office. Key information is also automatically stored in the SuperOffice archive, facilitating easy access whenever required.

The SuperOffice Pocket CRM module offers unrivalled flexibility and is indispensable to salespersons and other team members who often attend off-site meetings or are otherwise out-of-office.

For more information, please visit our website. Alternatively, contact the Synergy Technology team on 0345 456 0050 today.

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14 Sep 2018

Solutions for accounts, warehouse and stock management for SMEs

Join Synergy Technology for an interactive breakfast event with leading integrated solutions provider: KC Solutions

Are you looking to get started with a total solution for your warehouse, or to get more out of your accounts package?

Designed to revolutionise your business by integrating multiple solutions together, we will be demonstrating the benefits of integration of accounts software with:

  • Stock management: for greater control over your warehouses and stock rooms to minimise wastage and maximise profits
  • eCommerce linking: getting your business selling online
  • ePos solutions: for sharing and synchronisation of data throughout all the areas of your business where transactions happen.


Discover how to adopt a total solution to meet future fulfilment demands, eradicate overheads, minimise wastage and control your margins:

  • Sales order picking, goods receipts and stock adjustments.
  • Perpetual, immediate and scheduled stock taking
  • Stock forecasting and re-ordering
  • On-demand sales order creation, label printing and location replenishment tools
  • Light-weight, portable and non-reliant on a wireless connection


REGISTER TODAY: there’s plenty to see and learn, and why not take a look around the fabulous Imperial War Museum whilst you’re here!


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07 Aug 2018

Opera Accounting software gets ready for Tax Digital

Making Tax Digital and the Government Gateway

HMRC has now confirmed that from 1 April 2019 VAT100 submissions must be done via software interfacing with the new API; they will not be accepting submissions made via their website. Pegasus has provided a helpful update for Opera users (see details below).

Government Gateway changes

By March 2018, the functionality provided by the Government Gateway will be migrated to a new HMRC Multi Digital Tax Platform (MDTP). The new platform will cater for online VAT and RTI submissions via what HMRC refers to as a ‘transaction engine’, which will have a different URL compared to the current Government Gateway. Customers will have to migrate to the new transaction engine by approximately 13 February 2018, after which the current Government Gateway service will end.

What this means for Opera 3 users

Pegasus has a clear road map for ensuring their flagship software is ready to deal with digital submissions. After upgrading to Online Filing Manager (4.00), Opera 3 users will be able to use the software as normal for all submissions to HMRC. From April 2019 Opera 3 will support the new API for Making Tax Digital VAT submissions to HMRC.

Read our Five tips on getting started for Digital Tax submissions.

For further information on Pegasus Opera products and getting ready for Tax Digital please contact Synergy Technology on 0345 456 0050.

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19 Jul 2018

SuperOffice CRM Integration Creates Synergy for Maxoptra Delivery Software

Synergy Technology is proud to partner with Maxoptra to develop the integration to bridge the gap between customer services and live operations. The development team at Synergy Technology provided the integration of SuperOffice Customer Service with Maxoptra’s delivery management and route optimisation solution. The resulting seamless flow of business-critical information between the two systems is boosting the customer experience and improving operational efficiency for delivery and field service companies.

“Maxoptra is leading the way in dynamic delivery management and route planning for the SME sector, with a functionally rich solution that is cloud based and subscription offered,” commented Trevor Sharp, Head of Development at Synergy Technology, one of the largest SuperOffice partners in the UK. “Also, Maxoptra does not require specialist IT support or training; in fact its open programming interface and proactive development team made this one of the easiest integrations we have undertaken.”

Tim McCarthy, Maxoptra Sales Manager, added, “Integration with existing technologies is one of the factors that makes Maxoptra appealing to SMEs.

We were therefore delighted to work with Synergy Technology to boost the power and functionality of Maxoptra, through SuperOffice integration, automating the flow of customer centric data within delivery and service planning.”


The original integration of SuperOffice and Maxoptra by Synergy Technology was customer led and has contributed to significant operational efficiencies and improved customer service for the end user. Mobile resources are more effectively used and on road costs have been reduced. The customer experience has also been revolutionised with accurate and timely communications automatically generated.

Read the full release : Maxoptra Press Release

Read more about the integration project: NIBE Energy Systems Ltd

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13 Jun 2018

Synergy Technology wins Pegasus Award

Synergy Technology is delighted to receive a prestigious award from Pegasus Software as the winning Pegasus Partner of the Year – North. This is in recognition of their sales performance and exceptional level of support services delivered to Pegasus Opera clients during the 2017-2018 year. The award covers Pegasus Partners that provide Opera services and support and are based in the Northern regions of the UK.

The award was presented at a National Pegasus Event held in Kettering in May where Pegasus also outlined their plans and developments for their Opera 3 software, particularly the launch of Opera 3 SQL SE on the first of June 2018. Other new features for Opera 3 include a greater CRM functionality, further alignment with Making Tax Digital and more extensive capacity for integration with open banking.

Ian Thomas and Rachael Howard from Synergy Technology were present at the event to receive the award on Synergy Technology’s behalf.

The services that Synergy Technology provides that lead to this accolade include gaining new Opera 3 business, providing ongoing support for Opera users, delivering services for Opera II upgrades to Opera 3, the provision of user licenses and promoting Opera modules including the highly rated HR and Payroll module, XRL for business intelligence as well as the more recent Personal Data Search Utility – designed to deal with Subject Access Requests in line with the implementation of GDPR.

Ian Thomas, Business Development Manager “We strive to provide first class support to Opera users and a rounded service that includes not only technical support, but bespoke training, system installations and upgrades as well as system integration to ensure that Opera users get the maximum performance from their system with minimum downtime and better user satisfaction.”

“Our Opera users are mainly working in B2B business, including logistics, distribution and warehousing sectors who enjoy the simplicity of the system yet the powerful functionality that it offers right across the business from the accounts department to the warehouse and stock control. We are always keen to ensure each and every user understands the system inside and out and are able monopolise on the wide range of features the system has to offer.”

Opera 3 has the integrated tools and information for complete control of your business and processes, in the areas of financials, supply chain management, payroll and business intelligence. It can be tailored to suit an individual business’s needs whilst remaining a scalable system for the future. There are currently 35,000 users across the UK on Pegasus Software and more than 600,000 employees are paid using Opera payroll.

Synergy Technology is one of the UK’s leading providers of Pegasus accounting, payroll and business software solutions with over 20 years’ service to SMEs across the UK.

“We have a dedicated team of highly qualified Pegasus software consultants who can help to install, train and support your Pegasus Opera system.”

Tony Poole, Director of Synergy Technology commented on the achievement by Team Opera “We understand that choosing the right accounting and business software system is a challenge for SMEs who for peace of mind, rely on professional guidance and advice from recognised responsible business partners. This award from Pegasus reinforces the dedicated commitment we have to ensuring not only do we guide SMEs in finding the right system for their business, but that we offer ongoing support and ancillary services and thus a complete business solution.”

“It has been a great honour to receive this during our anniversary year, celebrating 20 years’ service to SMEs across the UK.” Tony Poole, Synergy Technology.

“We are always looking for new business for this great system and will happily speak to interested businesses and to demonstrate the software and help them understand what Opera can do and how it works.” He adds.

Based in North West England, with an office in the South near Cambridge, Synergy Technology’s expertise as providing business solutions, lies in Accounting and Customer Relationship Management software, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, bespoke solutions and software support and hosted workspace services and cloud technology.

See our Opera page to learn more about Pegasus Opera and contact Synergy Technology on 0345 456 0050 to discuss your business system requirements.

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