Synergy Technology is a leading IT Business Solutions provider

Based in the north-west of England, with an office in the south near Cambridge, our expertise as providing business solutions, lies in Accounting and Customer Relationship Management software, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, bespoke solutions and software support and hosted workspace services and cloud technology.

At Synergy Technology we know that IT is often seen as a way to solve problems, however, we also know that good IT is a fantastic way of avoiding problems in the first place.

Synergy Technology is a customer driven business formed out of a strong belief that IT is an enabler that can maximise the potential of good business when it works well, and a barrier to growth when it does not. Our primary motivation is to bring better, more sustainable solutions to clients, along with a desire to bring integrity and robustness to the software and business systems areas of the IT support industry.

Synergy Technology’s Core Proposition

We aim to excel in delivering a well-edited range of business solutions to support the SME business market. Ensuring we are at the leading edge of software and business systems development, and have a commercial focus and understanding of how SMEs need business applications to perform, that allows us to pass on our comprehensive knowledge and experience to the benefit our clients.

Working in conjunction with companies such as Microsoft, Pegasus and SuperOffice puts us at the forefront of developing technology whilst also allowing us to input client needs and wants into the development of new products. It also strategically places us in a strong position when developing specialist software for clients, based on these core platforms.

Our People

We recognise that people are one of the main assets of any business; we employ the best in order to be the best. We are only as good as our weakest team member, so we focus on continual professional development throughout the company, and have invested in the Synergy Technology Apprenticeship Scheme.

We are proud of the fact that we have a high staff retention rate that allows us to build sustainable relationships that work well for us – and most importantly – our clients.

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