Forging a brighter future for a growing industry in renewable energy technology

Synergy Technology is dedicated to providing IT solutions to the renewable energy sector

In recent years renewables have emerged from R&D to form a growing business sector as the drive towards decarbonisation and the deployment of renewables accelerates – with new businesses joining the sector at an increasing pace.

Synergy Technology’s complete business solutions are suitable for the renewable energy sector and are proven to give effective control of margins, inventory costs, installation and supply chain management.

  • Develop ways to streamline processes.
  • Gain control over every aspect of an energy product installation.
  • Simplify systems and integrate production processes with financial and HR systems.
  • Guarantee a greater productivity within your energy sector.
  • Drive intelligent use of data to grow the business.

At Synergy Technology, we understand how to help make renewable energy businesses more successful. With an experienced team, a portfolio of professional business applications and supporting business partners, we have proven success in streamlining processes which improve efficiency, supply chain management, customer satisfaction and performance. Our business solutions bring together your business processes and departments into one easy-to-use interface.

Synergy Technology provides comprehensive financial and contact management database systems and resource management software and our IT and business solutions and dedicated system and application support ensures the streamlining of processes and helps clients to build and develop their business.

Streamline business processes

As a single, fully-integrated business application, our ERP solutions including Microsoft Dynamics 365, inSpiredNAV and Microsoft Dynamics NAV offer excellent control over every aspect of an installation project to help renewable energy businesses safeguard margins and enable profitable outcomes. From scheduling projects and subcontractors, material and product management to mobile access in the field, every aspect can be effectively managed.

Maintain effective financial management

Our payroll and accounting applications can be implemented to provide a complete solution that integrates production and quality control with financial and HR systems. The profit on energy installations can be assessed, purchase invoices matched against receipts and stock control managed to gain real-time visibility into inventory and tracking supplies and deliveries. Our solutions include Jane Systems, Dynamics NAV and Pegasus Opera and Pegasus CIS.

Create dynamic relationships

Our CRM solutions and add on modules include seamless integration with eMarketing software, as well as working as an effective service and fault management system. An effective CRM solution enables engineer data reporting, geographical mapping, training identification and progress reporting and total engineer workload management suitable for energy markets. Our CRM solutions include SuperOffice which is ideal for business to business and service sectors.

Create a secure and flexible workspace

Centralised data management in a secure off-premise location using Synergy Technology’s hosted solution services provides the flexibility, agility and security for your business needs. Our solutions offer access to secure centralised data that can be accessed from multiple sites and by mobile workers, sub contractors and field-based office locations. Citadel secure digital workspace ensures scalability to accommodate your current data volume and future needs.

Contact Synergy Technology about our applications and IT solutions to help you sustain a brighter future for your business.

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