Where integrity, accuracy, service and reputation is critical

Helping professional services to build trust and integrity with their clients and contacts

Organisations that offer professional services help to support businesses of all sizes across a wide range of industries. The people that work within professional services help their clients by providing specialist advice to manage and improve their business.

In order to maintain a productive working environment, operational efficiency is critical within this sector. With a tighter control over resources, costs and workloads, professional companies and consultants can still remain profitable while delivering results to match their client’s expectations.

Professional services therefore need to embrace clearer levels of transparency and build a workplace where it’s easy for consultants to find and share information and client data from a single source, and are additionally able to gain access and share all available expertise and apply the organisation’s preferred practices.

Synergy Technology supports a wide range of professional services businesses throughout the UK, by providing IT solutions and business applications and systems to meet their specific needs.

  • Increase customer loyalty.
  • Improve the flow and share of information.
  • Enhance operational efficiency.
  • Maintain effective resource management.
  • Streamline communication across the business.
  • Ensure effective document management.
  • Simplify the billing process.
  • Save time by eliminating duplication of effort.
  • Continually increase sales through efficient and targeted marketing.

Business to business. Complete customer satisfaction

Synergy Technology works with companies in all areas of the professional services sector including accounting, financial services, legal firms, surveyors and professional consultants.

With extensive experience working within these professional services, Synergy Technology is familiar with the unique challenges that face this sector.

We understand that business professionals need to ensure that projects and services are correctly priced, completed on time and meet with both the client’s requirements and expectations.

Synergy Technology provides comprehensive financial, project, contact database systems and resource management software and our IT and business solutions and dedicated system and application support ensures these fundamental processes are in place to help improve client care and to engender strategic business growth.

Seamless management and reduced costs

Enterprise Resource Planning solutions can be adopted for service industries, combining project management, resource management and communication. They can be tailored to your organisational needs to help reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction.

Effective HR and financial management

Our accounting and financial applications help you to run your business more effectively and more profitably. All the management information you need is at your fingertips. You can keep eye on day-to-day processes whilst busy doing something more productive.

Professional business-wide contact

Implementing an effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is critical in the professional services industry. CRM helps your team keep all key client information in one place – including contact details, emails, phone calls, documents or meeting notes.

Confidential and secure IT system

We can help you to adopt a secure yet flexible data management system and email delivery service that ensures your client data is secure.  Our hosting service takes away the requirements for an in-house server and subsequent in-house maintenance and server-based IT support.

Contact Synergy Technology today to improve the integrity and the client services offered by your business.

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