Maintain quality control and streamline manufacturing processes

Synergy Technology provides IT solutions to ensure manufacturers improve efficiency and can effectively manage their processes.

In today’s marketplace, manufacturers rely on technology to manage various stages of the manufacturing process including product design, inventory management, resource utilisation, production scheduling and process optimisation. This is often a combination of processes, with lean manufacturing methods often managed through separate systems. This method can lead to a number of limitations making it difficult to cost-effectively satisfy customer demands, particularly across multiple sites and locations.

With the globalisation of supply chains and increasing customer demand for innovation and low cost production, manufacturers today need easy-to-use, flexible solutions to more effectively manage their business.  In order to be successful, manufacturers must constantly review and evaluate internal processes to keep operating costs low while controlling the variability of raw materials at each stage of production.

  • Reduce operating costs by replacing multiple systems with one central hub.
  • Automate manual processes, streamline production and boost efficiency.
  • Control continuous complex manufacturing processes.
  • Centralise and secure data and applications with access from multiple manufacturing sites.
  • Integrate production with sales order processing, stock control and job costing.
  • Track raw materials and finished goods within the manufacturing cycle.
  • Maintain quality control in an environment of increasing cost sensitivity.
  • Integrate manufacturing and warehousing functionality with financial systems.
  • Ensure seamless communication with suppliers and customers.

Making it work. Improving performance

At Synergy Technology, we understand how to make manufacturers more successful. With long term partnerships with the most popular business applications providers including Microsoft, coupled with an experienced technical team, we have proven success in streamlining business processes to improve efficiency, supply chain collaboration, customer satisfaction and performance.

By adopting a hosted IT solution and using the most up-to-date cloud based business applications – manufacturing processes, materials and the production teams and shift workers can all be managed from a single source. This ensures effective project management and the alignment of processes.

Synergy Technology provides comprehensive financial and contact management database systems and resource management software. Our IT and business solutions and our dedicated system and application support team ensures the streamlining of processes and helps clients to improve performance and develop their business.

Increase productivity and streamline processes

The manufacturing and assembling of multiple products increases the need for a robust Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Our solutions provide the tools to streamline operations by automating manufacturing and enabling greater visibility into all areas of the processes from order entry to production, warehouse management and delivery. Our ERP solutions enable real-time reports and alerts.

Monitor profit through planning, production and stock control

Our accounting applications can be implemented to provide a complete business solution that integrates manufacturing management and quality control with the financial and HR systems. The profit on jobs can be assessed, purchase invoices matched against receipts and stock control actively managed, gaining real-time visibility into inventory, sales, purchasing and financial information and tracking supplies and deliveries.

Create long standing professional business relationships

Our CRM solutions put the customers at the centre of the ordering and production process. It create seamless connections with distributors, suppliers and customers, making it easy to collaborate and manage supply chains. Respond to unique requests, such as specific packaging and shipping requirements and increase the accuracy of promised orders and responses to queries about order status and delivery.

Provide a flexible mobile yet secure workspace

Centralised data management in a secure off-premise location using Synergy Technology’s hosted solutions provides all the flexibility, agility and security your business needs. Our solutions offer access to centralised data from multiple manufacturing sites with the assurance of first class data security and ensures scalability to accommodate your current data volume and adapt to your future needs.

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