Getting the right product to the right place on time

Our IT systems and business applications help to streamline distribution processes and increase efficiency

With an increase in global competition, distributors need to adopt stricter process and financial control to ensure to deliver a first class service. Supply networks are becoming highly complex and there is a need to innovate and add value in order to earn loyalty from an increasingly demanding customer base.

The greatest challenge for logistics and distributors is to get the right products to the right place, at the right time and in the right condition. If your business struggles with an outdated or in-house system that has limited functionality you will subsequently experience the associated problems of wasted time, duplicated work and administrative errors that will hinder your growth.

Synergy Technology’s complete business solutions for the logistics and distribution industry sector are proven to give effective control of margins, inventory costs and supply chain management.

  • Reduce operating costs by replacing multiple systems with one central hub.
  • Streamline and boost work processes for increased efficiency.
  • Track orders, stock and delivery in real-time.
  • Automate ordering and stock replenishment processes.
  • Manage your business in local regulations, taxes and languages.
  • Streamline and automate processes and workflows.
  • Manage labour and transport costs from one integrated system.
  • Create custom real-time alerts and reports.
  • Maintain seamless communication with suppliers and customers.
  • Operate using mobile and flexible secure business applications
  • Link people, products and information.

Deliver Service. Drive the business forward

At Synergy Technology, we understand how to make logistics and distribution organisations more successful. With an experienced team, a portfolio of professional business applications and supporting business partners, we have proven success in streamlining processes which increase efficiency, supply chain collaboration, customer satisfaction and performance. Our business solutions bring together your business processes and departments into one easy-to-use interface.

Synergy Technology provides comprehensive financial and contact management database systems and resource management software and our IT and business solutions and dedicated system and application support ensures the streamlining of processes and helps clients to build and develop their business.

Streamline processes and delivery services

Our enterprise resource planning (ERP) system provides a total solution from stock analysis to delivery and returns with traceability of all stock items. The process includes: managing quotes and sales order processes, shipping and invoicing. Using automated data capture hand held bar code devices streamlines the process including stock management, despatch and proof of receipt. Our ERP system integrates fully with the general, sales & purchase ledgers.

Gain a unified view of your business

In logistics and distribution, accurate costing, efficient planning and control mechanisms are essential to profitability. Our financial systems solution centralises everything from payments and remittances to management of reports, to reduce paperwork and save time. The solution can link with third-party logistics software for increased visibility and is ideal for transport and storage businesses, haulage companies, waste management and food distribution companies.

Enhance business relationships

An effective customer relationship management system (CRM), enables seamless management of communication to suppliers and customers. With anywhere, anytime web access, management, drivers and the sales team can view all customer records and details in real time. Synergy Technology are dedicated to providing CRM software that supports logistics and distribution businesses to achieve stronger sales, marketing and customer service productivity.

Adopt a secure mobile business

Centralised data management in a secure off-premise location using Synergy Technology’s hosted solutions provides all the flexibility, agility and security your business needs. Our solutions offer access to centralised data from multiple distribution sites and for the mobile worker with the added assurance of first class data security. Our hosted solutions ensure scalability to accommodate your current data volume and to adapt to your future needs.

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