Providing tailored IT solutions and support to a wide range of industry sectors

Helping SMEs to improve their processes and reach their potential

Synergy Technology has a breadth of IT experience in a wide range of industry sectors and can support small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) by advising and implementing IT strategy and by consulting on suitable business applications and data storage options that will meet the needs of your business.

Our business solutions take into consideration the required flexibility needed for your workforce, the level of expertise and capacity of your in-house IT systems and team, your budget constraints and long terms plans, and the necessary level of IT support required.

  • Helping manufacturers to improve their processes.
  • Developing streamlined systems for logistics and distribution businesses.
  • Building a better customer relationship service for construction.
  • Helping business professionals maintain their integrity.
  • Providing the foundation for renewable energy businesses to grow.
  • Devising and delivering a flexible and mobile workspace for the SME on the go.

Your sector. Our service

Synergy Technology offers expertise and support for the major business applications used across the SME market. We can supply business solutions for accounting and payroll, customer relationship management, email delivery and security and digital marketing as well as enterprise relationship management.

We have experience in many sectors including manufacturing, logistics and distribution and construction. Our technical team has the skills to work alongside business linked to the renewable energy market. We can also support businesses in the professional sector including accounting, financial services, legal firms, surveyors and estate agents and professional consultants.
By developing bespoke modules for some of the most widely used business applications, our technical team can help each and every client’s business improve their performance and gain a leading edge within their professional sector.

Identifying the problem. Designing the solution

At Synergy Technology, our technical team listens to our client’s needs and helps to formulate the ideal business solutions. Our IT consultation service helps businesses make important and critical decisions that aim to improve the processes and performance of their business, reduce errors and increase efficiency.

In addition, our SynergyCare team offers technical support that covers a wide range of applications and service levels adaptable to each and every client’s needs.

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