To log a support ticket with the Synergy Technology Help desk 24 hours a day by email

For existing clients with application issues, queries or needing advice please log your tickets by email which is available 24 hours a day.

The Synergy Technology Help Desk is open between 9.00am-5.30pm week days.


To assist you with your support query, one of our support team members will direct you to one of the options below, to allow them to gain secure access to your machine.

Windows Support

When directed by our support team to this page, and access is required via Windows please click on the heading link above.

MAC Support

When directed by our support team to this page, and require support for a MAC system and device please click on the heading link above.

Client Portal

To register a support ticket using the Client Portal, or to review an existing support ticket, access the Synergy Technology Client Portal is via the heading link above.

Are you struggling with a software application issue?

Our professional team are here to help you and can answer your burning questions. Synergy Technology supports a range of business applications including SuperOffice CRM, Pegasus Opera 3, Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central. To discuss your support and training requirements contact our Sales Team on 0345 456 0050.

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