Our Business Support Partners

Synergy Technology works with a range of professional partners across the UK.  Our partners are all well established reputable businesses offering a range of expertise to ensure that we can provide you with a complete business solution.

Amshire Solutions provides Synergy Technology clients with Hardware Services


Based in South Manchester, Amshire provides our clients with IT Hardware support.

Onsite and offsite support, data backup and internet connectivity.


Cloud9 delivers B2C CRM solutions to Synergy Technology clients

Cloud9 Insight

A Gold Certified Microsoft Cloud Partner, delivering Dynamics CRM solutions.

Ideal for SMEs seeking a cloud based B2C CRM solution.


Blue Logic provides hardware, digital and IT accessories for Synergy Technology clients

Blue Logic

Established in 2007, Blue Logic is based in Leeds and a key provider of business system solutions.

Services include hardware and cloud based services and support.


Citadel provides Synergy Technology clients with secure digital workspace and hosted services


Citadel is a secure digital workspace hosted in a secure and modern data centre based in the UK.

Citadel delivers the latest IT technology directly to your managed desktop.


Strategy 365 is a Microsoft Partner and experts in Dynamics 365 (CRM) and associated technologies. From implementation through to supporting your business with Dynamics 365.

Strategy 365

Strategy 365 is a Microsoft Partner and experts in Dynamics 365 (CRM) and associated technologies.

From implementation through to supporting your business with Dynamics 365.


Tensor PLC security systems for business

Tensor PLC

Market leader in designing, manufacturing and installing security, access control, attendance monitoring and energy management solutions.

Improving business security for SMEs in the UK.


Our Business Application Partners

Synergy Technology is an accredited reseller of a many well known business systems from a wide range of international organisations including:

SuperOffice CRM systems for business


SuperOffice CRM links sales and marketing processes with people, customers, prospects and suppliers.

Synergy Technology is one of the largest SuperOffice partners in the UK.


Microsoft Software for business


Microsoft is a leading global business software provider for computers, mobile systems and cloud services.

Synergy Technology is an accredited Microsoft partner.


Pegasus Opera accounting systems


Pegasus Opera 3 gives you integrated tools in financials, supply chain, payroll and business intelligence.

Synergy Technology is a longstanding Pegasus Strategic Partner.


eMarketeer encompasses all your digital marketing in one place


eMarketeer enables you to control multiple channels such as email, web, social, forms and mobile in one system.

Our technical experts can integrate eMarketeer with your SuperOffice CRM.


Sana e-Commerce for web shop management integrates with Dynamics NAV data

SANA Commerce

A complete e-commerce web store system that integrates with Dynamics NAV functionality and data.

Providing an efficient and effective extension of traditional sales activities.


Draycir Credit management systems for Dynamics NAV


Document delivery and credit management software to improve business processes.

Draycir software can be integrated with Dynamics NAV.


Jet Reports enhances Dynamics NAV

Jet Reports

Jet Reports integrates with Dynamics NAV to create fast, flexible BI and reporting solutions.

Produce accurate interactive reports in a familiar Excel environment.


Continia Document capture systems for Dynamics NAV


Continia Document Capture is a comprehensive solution for scanning of invoices and other documents.

It optimises and automates processes working directly from Dynamics NAV.


Tasklet mobile warehouse software works with Dynamics NAV

Tasklet Factory

Tasklet Factory develop mobile barcode scanning solutions for Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Tasklet allows warehouse employees to process orders online and offline.


MJM Data capture software for warehouses integrates with Opera accounting systems

MJM Data Capture

MJM offers a range of data capture and bar-coding, hardware and labeling solutions.

MJM standard or bespoke systems can be integrated with Opera software.


InkWrx delivers a system for completing forms on mobile devices


Increase accuracy and productivity of data collected in the field with the INKWRX platform.

Integrated with SuperOffice complete paperwork by mobile or tablet.


Jane Systems

The Jane suite of applications covers all aspects of Human Resource Management.

Ideal for adding HR functionality to your Dynamics NAV system.


NetEDI provide seamless, cloud-based EDI integration to Dynamics NAV and Opera.Exchange data seamlessly between your trading partners and ERP System.


NetEDI provide seamless, cloud-based EDI integration to Dynamics NAV and Opera.

Exchange data seamlessly between your trading partners and ERP System.



Exclaimer is a global leader in business email signature management solutions.

Award-winning on-premises and cloud-based solutions to centrally manage the deployment of email signatures.



Dynamic cloud-based delivery planning & multi drop optimisation software.

Maxoptra brings the delivery service benefits commonly associated with B2C giants, to B2C and B2B SMEs.


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