Eliminate manual data entries and improve efficiency

Our document capture solution is certified by Microsoft, integrates with Dynamics NAV and is straightforward to use

Continia Document Capture is one of the most comprehensive solutions available for scanning invoices and other documents directly from Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

As the only solution on the market, Continia offers automatic registration of documents, OCR data extraction, an advanced approval workflow, and a full-text searchable digital archive. Continia Document Capture optimises and automates all workflow processes – from receiving a document to retrieving it again, even years later.

Its added value to users of Microsoft Dynamics NAV also provides an total solution to effectively handle creditor and debtor payment transactions.

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The analysis engine enables you to register fields and values from documents based on pre-defined templates and labels. You can optimise the templates to include specific validation rules and formatting requirements.

Includes an advanced set of feature for matching purchase invoices with existing purchase orders.  You can also set up thresholds to accept smaller differences in cost prices.

Using the drag and drop tool you can attach back up documents to the purchase invoice from the NAV client or from the Web Portal. This means that all approvers will have access to the original invoice back up documents.

What is Continia Document Capture?

Continia Document Capture is add-on software designed to work with Dynamics NAV and enables you continual access to an up-to-date overview of all invoices pending approval. You also have the ability to see who the current approver is and have the perfect tools to help speed up the invoice approval process. Approvers can easily approve invoices through the NAV client or the Web Portal.

With the unique Document Capture Service, the tiresome process of registering documents in Microsoft Dynamics NAV is completely automated. Continia uses previously defined document templates to put the data into the correct fields in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Invoices and other documents are analysed and data is read from the scanned image automatically.

Fully Indexed

All PDF-documents are fully indexed in NAV, which makes it possible to do a full text search through all document data, not just the data which is captured and used in NAV fields. For example, you could search for a specific reference number, item number or serial number.

Approval Functionality

Approvers will receive an email notifying them when an invoice requires attention. Upon approval the approvers can see a copy of the original invoice on screen and either accept, reject, put it on hold or forward the invite to another approver within the company.

Award Winning OCR Technology

You can benefit from extremely high recognition accuracy, such as different languages, compared to other solutions. It recognises barcodes on documents and you can use them as field values or to link documents to records automatically in NAV.

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