26 Sep 2017

Maximising your Microsoft Dynamics NAV system with bespoke development

Microsoft Dynamics NAV “out of the box” provides a system that you can then develop to perfectly fit your business’s needs. Our talented development team at Synergy Technology talk about how additional bespoke development work ensures you maximise the functionality and effectiveness of your ERP system.

What is the reason for requiring bespoke development?

“Bespoke development for Microsoft Dynamics NAV can cover almost any requirement that any business using Dynamics NAV may need.

It’s derived from the 80/20 rule. Basically Microsoft Dynamics NAV “out of the box” delivers about 80% of the framework to meet any clients’ needs, and bespoke work fills in the gaps. It tailors the Dynamics NAV system to encompass all the business’s processes and functionality that is specific to their market.

Every industry, every business and every process has different requirements. It would be impossible for a generic version of Dynamics NAV to meet all these complex requirements. If it did, it would be exorbitantly expensive, impossible to keep up-to-date and end up including modules and functionality that would not be utilised by the majority of Dynamics NAV users.

That’s how bespoke development starts – making the system a perfect 100% fit to the client’s specific needs.”

Dynamics NAV has been designed to support client specific enhancements that work alongside its standard functionality and can be tailored by developers to suit a wide range of requirements. Development work can cover anything from integration between Dynamics NAV and third party add-ons or modules, developing sophisticated reporting systems that combines data from several systems linked to Dynamics NAV. Development work can eliminate repetitive time consuming manual data processes with automated functions that equally reduces the risk of duplication of data and improves data accuracy.

Some examples of Dynamics NAV development includes:

  • Integration with website systems
  • Courier system integration
  • Integration with credit card systems such as SagePay
  • Integration with hand held devices used in warehouse management systems
  • Tailoring reports and documentation to reflect the company standards
  • Even something as specific as integrating ticket management and seat allocation for a sports arena with data used in the Dynamics NAV system.


Basically bespoke development ensures that systems work seamlessly and effectively between stock, logistics, client, supplier and payment programs and functions that all share the same data. Other bespoke work is adding functionality to the existing Dynamics NAV system, or maximising the value of the data within in the system by creating informative, up-to-date reporting.

Developing bespoke work usually involves incorporating Dynamics NAV into existing third party systems or a new system that the client wants to start using.

The key is understanding what the client is looking to achieve from the system

“We don’t look to reinvent the wheel. Listening to our clients, understanding their needs, and determining the best most cost effective solution is our priority. To find the best solution we always offer the most effective and perfect fit.

When we look at the bespoke development, we aim to find the best solution for the client, and focus on ensuring that the development work can also be adapted for future requirements. By considering the client’s long term plans for their systems we can make sure that any bespoke work is not isolated but forms part of their future needs.

Often development work it is not as complicated as a client may first think. The requirements may be simply fulfilled by introducing functionality that already exists within Dynamics NAV that is not being utilised by their team. Training and technical support may be all that is required to improve the system. Additionally, development work to improve a client’s system to meet their requirements can be resolved by integrating into Dynamics NAV third party add-ons that already exist.

A further example of improving the system is when coding functionality exists outside the Dynamics NAV system, e.g. an Excel spreadsheet or an Access database, created by a single user that may be very complicated and difficult to maintain, and if the user is away or leaves the organisation, cannot be updated. In this case, a few day’s development work brings the functionality back into Dynamics NAV and it can then be utilised by all the team and not dictated by a single user.

We once identified a user that updated a very complex spreadsheet by copying and pasting data from Dynamics NAV into spreadsheets to provide a weekly report. The user would take up to half a day every week to update the information, with no guarantee to the accuracy.

By explaining that with just two days’ development work to automate the process directly from Dynamics NAV, the same process could be achieved with a click of a button and maintaining 100% accuracy in data, providing also an immediate time saving process and the outlay of the development work was covered within the first four weeks’ usage.”

The benefits of bespoke development

The main benefit of bespoke development work is to streamline processes within the client’s business that also results in increased productivity, and offering major time saving benefits.

Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Save time – bespoke work in Dynamics NAV often creates time saving benefits to the users.
  • Better control of data – using the same data source across systems.
  • Reduce errors – by automating repetitive processes.
  • Simplify processes – thus saving time and releasing employees to focus on other tasks.


Synergy Technology has the technical resources to develop your Dynamics NAV system

Synergy Technology is a highly skilled accredited partner of Dynamics NAV. We have a dedicated Dynamics NAV technical team with extensive working knowledge of the software who are able to apply practical and customisable business solutions using the application.

Our technical team can also offer your business ongoing guidance, advice and support to ensure Dynamics NAV is scalable and adaptable to the changing needs of your business, including the implementation of additional applications such as mobile warehouse, advanced business reporting, document management and e-commerce systems. To discuss your development needs for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, please contact Synergy Technology on 0345 456 0050 or send us an email today.

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20 Sep 2017

Five functional factors to consider when looking at an ERP system for the Food Industry

In the food industry, there’s no doubt to the importance of having operations and internal systems that meet strict requirements to ensure continual production, minimum wastage and more importantly full traceability through production.

So, when choosing the system to streamline your operations, your processes can be more effective if you move to an ERP system that is designed to cover these requirements and that you choose a support partner who understands the specific needs of the food industry and can demonstrate experience and knowledge in this area.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is equipped with the functionality you need in the food industry. Synergy Technology is an accredited Microsoft partner and provides expertise and support for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. With over 20 years’ experience in providing business solutions for SMEs across the UK, our professional Dynamics NAV team can help design and develop your ERP system to ensure it specifically meets the requirements of your business, now and for the future.

It’s your five a day!

We offer five key considerations when choosing a system that best fits your needs in the food industry:

  1. Maintaining traceability
  2. Meeting standards
  3. Reaching customers
  4. Scaleability to match growth
  5. Ensuring reliability, support and peace of mind.


ONE: Maintaining Traceability

From sourcing raw ingredients through production to distribution, you need a system that provides orders, bill of materials, manages product assembly, supply planning, and much more.
In addition, throughout the process food regulations must be met, so it is important that you choose an ERP system to meet all these specific requirements and can track all product activity.

Typical pain points in the food industry including ensuring produce remains on the shelf and gaining access to the right ingredients at the right price and managing cash flow, the cost of production and subsequently profit margins. Microsoft Dynamics NAV has a wealth of processing and management functionality including:

  • Alternative Order Addresses, and Alternate Ship-to Addresses and Vendors
  • Analysis Reports provide management with flexible and efficient ways to get pertinent information from the system to make day-to-day decisions with confidence.
  • Inventory tracking of items in stock along with their units of measure, unit cost, pricing method, etc.
  • Basic Payables enables generation of vendor ledger entries using General Journals.
  • Bin organises warehouse inventory by assigning items to bins.
  • Drop Shipment handles order shipments directly from the vendor to the customer through automation.
  • Item Charges, Item Substitutions, Tracking and charges.
  • Location Transfers track inventory as it is moved from one location to another and accounts for the inventory in transit and at multiple locations.

If you want a software that understands your business needs, then take a look at Dynamics NAV.

TWO: Meeting Standards

Ensuring your system manages batch scheduling, document management, compliance reporting and recording keeping is critical. The quality control functionality within your ERP is essential to enable inspection reminders, scheduled audits and regulatory reporting. Your ERP system needs to have documentation capabilities to carry out these important functions, including batch scheduling, recipe/document recording and compliance and quality control reporting.

It’s worth taking a look at the tools that can solve these issues — and seeing if they are standard or can be integrated into your system. If you are seeking a solution that ensures all your documentation across the business is shared, recorded and stored within one place, Microsoft Dynamics NAV can provide many of these requirements.

Dynamics NAV has document management and document capture facilities and automated data capture system as well as analysis reporting and e-services.

To learn more about Dynamics NAV

We can help you get the right ERP system for your business

With over 20 years’ experience in delivering business solutions to SMEs Synergy Technology provides professional technical advice, ongoing support as well as customised training for Dynamics NAV.

THREE: Reaching your customers

From dealing with paperwork to marketing your products, your ERP system needs to make a seamless journey across all functions.

Choosing a system that integrates with e-commerce software to reach your suppliers and customers 24 hours a day across multiple locations is the way forward. Integration with route mapping systems and mobile warehouse systems for stock control and delivery services is also desirable.

Dynamics NAV has a wide range of supply chain functionality including Item tracking and Bin and Pick, Workflows, Document management, Inventory, Shipping agents, Sales order management to ensure that your products are picked and dispatched correctly.

Dynamics NAV provides an out-of-the-box system that can then be developed. The system can be delivered via the Cloud or On-Premise model. By integrating it with Microsoft accredited add ons such as SANA commerce, you can also set up e-commerce and online functionality.

FOUR: Scaleability to Match Growth

When considering a suitable system for the food industry, a system that can grow with your business, manage multiple companies, locations and currencies as well as mobile and cloud technology is an essential consideration.

Many companies in food production may discover inherent or original manufacturing software makes it difficult to accommodate significant changes due to changes in technology, business growth and customer demands. For example, in the case of acquiring another line of business, it may become exceedingly complicated to integrate in an additional ERP system, and usually involves disrupting the stream of operations.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a robust, user-friendly ERP system designed for enhanced insight and control of financial and operational functionality. It’s also easy to configure, with close ties to Microsoft Windows and Office. The platform’s flexibility, integration capabilities and support of multi-currency, multi-language functions makes Dynamics NAV well-suited to providing business management capability to subsidiaries of larger parent food production companies.

FIVE: Ongoing Development and Support

System reliability, professional support and the subsequent peace of mind is critical to business development. In the food industry, responsive support to help reduce your downtime and reduce risk of damage or out of date goods and having access to a team of developers that can integrate systems and modules specific to food production needs is essential.

Getting ongoing support from a partner who knows all about Dynamics NAV and understands the requirements of food manufactures and distributors is therefore the final key to fulfilling your system requirements. Dynamics NAV is suitable for all business types in the food industry but particularly those with:

  • Complex financial budgeting, analysis and reporting requirements
  • A need for a flexible application to support very specific, often unique, business processes
  • A requirement to manage complex manufacturing processes, including multiple suppliers, components and processes.
  • Warehousing and distribution requirements, ensuring picking, packaging, processing and distribution processes are managed in a timely and accurate fashion.
  • The necessity to consolidate data from multi-national, multi-site operations, requiring real-time access to accurate information.
  • Compliance requirements and quality control that necessitates detailed levels of financial transaction traceability.


Synergy Technology is an accredited Microsoft partner and provides expertise and support for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Our experienced Dynamics NAV team can provides ongoing support services, professional training and can offer additional bespoke development for Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

For further information on Microsoft Dynamics NAV and our support services contact Synergy Technology on 0345 456 0050.

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06 Sep 2017

Keep your business afloat in floods

The memory of the floods last winter that caused chaos to residents and local businesses in the North West looms again as winter sets in. Tony Poole, the Managing Director of Synergy Technology warns not to be complacent, protecting valuable business data and reducing the risk of financial loss due to damage to IT equipment and the subsequent disruption to business is critical to SMEs, particularly in areas susceptible to flooding. It may happen again!

“The Environment Agency warns that climate change will increase the risk of more floods across the UK, leading to further problems for businesses and homeowners. Whether or not we can expect more frequent adverse weather conditions, business owners must remember it only takes a single disaster to potentially wipe out the whole business with the damage it can cause.” warns Tony.

“Even if a flood is not necessarily on your doorstep and whether or not water damage is destroying your premises, it may affect the power supply to your business or accessibility to your office for your workforce. It is also important to remember that supplier catastrophes are as critical as your own, so know your supply chain too. It is therefore essential to consider how prepared you are to avoid an interruption to the daily running of your business, and the long term financial effects that adverse weather may cause to your business.

Many of these problems can be avoided by ensuring you are well prepared and that your systems are set up to cater for unexpected interruptions to the running of your business due to natural disasters.”

Based on his own client experience, here are Tony’s 10 useful tips to avoid disruption to your business due to flooding or adverse weather condition.

Ten Top Tips to keep your business afloat in the next floods.

Back up and storage of critical data

It is important to instil a regular data backup procedure. Power cuts, flooding and energy shortages will cause disruption, but preparation is key. As long as staff know in advance what to do if the worst happens, data can be saved. For organisations, a solid data backup plan is the best way to keep critical data protected; establishing a relationship with a trusted data recovery provider should also be an integral part of any disaster recovery plan.

Conduct a data assessment. Know your high-value data assets – where your customer information and other sensitive data is stored, which files are heavily used, who is using them and which departments and teams they align with. Try to restore data on a quarterly basis.

Prioritise what data you need to have on hand after a disaster and who will need to have access to it. And don’t neglect laptops, as most people do. Most disaster recovery plans are focused on protecting just the office server and business data stored at data centres.

Remember – never assume that data is irrecoverable. Professional data recovery services offer the expertise and tools required to recover data quickly and successfully.

Make sure critical applications are also accessible

Not only does your business data need to be backed up and accessed during a flood crisis, but business applications too. Make sure critical applications are also accessible. Protecting your data is not enough if you want to keep the business running during an event that causes downtime. Ensure critical applications can be virtualised in the cloud and are licenced for use in different locations or from different hardware and devices, should you have to change the location and computer equipment used, if your business office and IT equipment is affected by floods.

Keep sensitive electronic equipment high and dry!

It might seem obvious, but if your office is susceptible to the risk of flooding, keep IT equipment and cables at a reasonable height off the ground and store critical equipment on higher levels, i.e. first floor or second floor. Make sure that your team switch off and disconnect computers and electronic equipment at the end of the working day, leaving only the vital systems operating.

Secure your data by using offsite servers

SMEs can actually improve their disaster preparedness by adopting a hosted workspace and cloud data storage which also greatly improves backup costs, recovery of data and boosts performance, and also reduces the requirement for office-based critical IT support.

Store business data in a secure cloud or hosted workspace and keep backups off site, in a safe location. How far off site depends on the risks you are worried about. Essentially, you are putting your business operational network into a hosted cloud environment and it is then delivered to you on-demand. The onus of responsibility for security, updates, redundancy, and failover and business continuity then rests with your hosted provider.

Cloud storage and hosted workspace providers such as Citadel digital workspace and cloud services, takes away the requirements for an in-house server and subsequent in-house maintenance and server-based IT support. Desktop hardware can be replaced with the most up-to-date hardware or mobile devices available on the market offering significant additional cost benefits and user flexibility.

Reduce the risk of damage to IT and computer equipment

By implementing a hosted workspace you immediately reduce the computer hardware and IT equipment required onsite in your office and you can operate your business using much less desktop hardware. Therefore much less computer equipment is at risk of water damage due to flooding.

Most business applications for users delivered via virtual desktops have very minimal requirements, so any laptop or mobile device with internet access is likely to be able to access the virtual workspace.

Adopting a virtual environment where your team can work from any location

Creating a flexible workspace is king. By adopting a mobile workspace for employees, users of a hosted workspace can gain a full desktop experience from Internet-enabled devices as varied as tablets, smartphones or their home computers.

Your business programs, applications and data delivered from the virtual desktop can therefore be accessed from any location – not just the office, so employees can even work from home.
If flood risk is imminent, encourage workers to take their laptops, work phones and other vital equipment home each night.

If creating a mobile office solution works for your business, just make sure in advance that your employees have a suitable Wi-Fi connection at home and that your insurance policies cover both the employees and company equipment when working from home.

Prepare a back-up workspace for business

In the case of flooding or a similar disaster affecting your office, if your employees still need to work collaboratively from one location, then ensure you have access to an alternative office location. Temporary office space leases are available with options to access:

  • Executive meeting room access
  • Wi-Fi, IT and phone support
  • Reception services

So make sure you have already a record of suitable temporary office services (think carefully about their location) which have the capacity to meet your business needs and can offer your office space at short notice.

Keep things running

When storms and other natural disasters strike, small businesses are especially vulnerable to power outages. While larger companies may have multiple locations that can pick up the slack while operations at one site shut down, the same is usually not true for the typical small business, particularly businesses in rural locations where the priority for reconnection may be lower than for nearby town centres.

Small businesses can combat these potential issues by installing a generator. Two basic varieties of generators are available. Automatic, or standby, generators that are permanently connected to a building’s electrical system. When the power shuts down, those generators automatically detect the problem and restore power to the building. On the other hand, portable, or backup, generators run on gasoline or diesel and have to be manually installed once a power outage occurs. While automatic generators require little or no work for the business owner, portable generators are typically less expensive.

Prepare a Crisis management procedure

To prepare for any future threat to your office being affected by flooding, prepare an effective disaster recovery plan. During a chaotic emergency in which there is flooding, fires or power outages, your team may not have the time to follow a long, complicated plan.

A plan must identify crisis management team members and set out their roles and responsibilities. It should also establish processes that:

  • Engage the right people at the right time
  • Maintain effective communication
  • Manage information and resources to keep the business running
  • Promote timely decision making

Think through the most likely threats to your business, cover all aspects, as well as natural disasters such as flooding keep in mind everything from human error to component failure. Most disasters happen without warning. This is what makes them so difficult to deal with. The actual disaster is not going to happen regularly, it’s going to be more chaotic. You need to be prepared.

Have a practice run!

Once you have considered all of the tips, make sure that your plans and preparation for running your business in adverse weather actually work, and don’t wait for the next spate of floods to see if your business sinks or swims! Try it and try it again. If you plan, the likelihood is that your business will stay afloat!

Enjoy working in a rural environment

Nateby Business Park, Cartmell Ln, Preston PR3 0LU

Synergy Technology is based in Wyre House, Nateby Business Park which is located in the stunning rural setting of Nateby. Working from a converted barn complex the Synergy Technology team enjoy the balance of working in a stress-free environment with a calm countryside location yet still operating a fully professional IT business. “Our office environments were designed from the outset to be disaster ready. We have an onsite generators, fibre and lease lines, CCTV with 24 hour onsite security, yet all set in a tranquil environment with nothing but beautiful views to fill your vision and inspire your team.” says Tony.

“We should encourage more businesses to set up office in rural areas to engender a more calm and welcoming working environment for employees” he adds. “Reducing the stress of commuting to crowded and expensive office locations in the city and town centres can only be beneficial to both the business and employees.”

“Our rural office can operate independently in adverse flooding or similar situations.  Says Tony, “By adopting a hosted IT system and engendering a mobile workspace it is the ideal solution to meet these requirements. I welcome any local business to come and take a look at our rural premises and determine the benefits of a peaceful rural office location. We have office space available for your business, and we can also discuss your business IT and data security, if fact, we can offer you a complete business solution.”

Footnote: For businesses located in areas prone to flooding, The Environment Agency provides a comprehensive guide for SMEs “Would your business stay afloat? A guide to preparing your business for flooding” 

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30 Aug 2017

Discover the many faces of Dynamics NAV

So the latest series of Game of Thrones and its many faces is over and now we have over a year to wait until we finally see the fate of Westeros, (it could be worse at least we don’t have to wait for George R R Martin to finish the books).

If you haven’t seen the latest series of Game of Thrones, firstly where have you been? Secondly the following article may contain spoilers, so you have been warned.

Throughout the series viewers follow Arya through her journey to become a faceless man and finally in this series we see her using her new found skills, with some disastrous consequences for the Frays (told you there were spoilers). I mean if you could be multiple people why would you chose to be just the one, right?

Well, in the very same way, if you could have an ERP system that allows you to exploit, improve and streamline multiple aspects of your business why would you use a product that does just one thing?

Just like Game of Thrones, to strategically operate your business with the most effective ERP system, here are the many faces of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. In fact you have many faces on many different levels (so think of it as multiple Ayra’s, and these features can be pretty awesome). What’s more, you don’t have to wait a year to see what happens next, Microsoft regularly updates the software and has a continuing development plan to ensure Dynamics NAV is up-to-date and ready to take on any future battles and system challenges on the work front.

Discover more about Dynamics NAV

Learn how you can benefit from adopting a
multi-faceted system that will streamline your functions and adapt and grow with your business.
Contact Synergy Technology to discuss your business software requirements.

The Client Faces

Why settle for one way of accessing your system when you can have many? Look at your options:

  • The Desktop Face – The original way of access Dynamics NAV is still there and going strong. With Dynamics NAV installed on your work machine you have access with simply a click of a button.
  • The Web Face – Don’t you just hate it when your computer has been attacked by the white walkers? (In the form of a spilled coffee). When an attack ensues, you can strategically move camp and access Dynamics NAV on a different machine. Simply enter the URL, your username and password into the internet browser and continue working.
  • The Tablet/Phone Face – When traveling to Winterfell to battle the Night King, you’ll need Dynamics NAV on the move. For your logistics and distribution team, and your salesmen on the move, the tablet/phone client allows your team to access your Dynamics NAV system anywhere there is an internet connection.


The Role Centre Faces

I’ve discussed the ways you can access Dynamics NAV, but how do you make sure your users are getting the most out the system? Dynamics NAV comes with multiple role centres that are pre-configured as standard so your users can hit the ground running. These include:

  • The Sales Order processor (the John Snow Face) – instant access to sales information, top customers, top products, current orders and invoices. Make sure your sales team can’t say they ‘Know Nothing’ by devising specific role centres that suit the many faces of your team.
  • The Bookkeeper (Samwell Tarly Face) – Your finance team needs to know what’s coming in and what’s going out of your business. For the keen strategist in your business, the Bookkeeper role centre in Dynamics NAV gives you instant access to Payables and Receivable information. You need to keep the iron bank reconciled after all.
  • The IT Manager (The Tyrion Lannister Face) – With any growing business there is always a constant need to add users to the system. You don’t want to be calling your support partner every time this happens. The IT Manager role centre gives you access to add new users and assign them permissions. Have the power to build and move your team as and when you need to. As they say about all IT Managers, they drink and they know things.


The Add-on Faces

Dynamics NAV has many fantastic features and functionality but there will always be aspects of business that aren’t covered in one product. With Dynamics NAV this isn’t a limitation, there are many Microsoft certified add-ons available for Dynamics NAV, including e-commerce solutions, mobile warehouse management systems and advanced reporting modules so that Dynamics NAV can be tailored specifically to your business.

To learn more about our certified product partners.

Dynamics NAV has many faces and many ways to help you streamline your business processes. You would have to be a Mad King sitting on his Iron throne to ignore it, (and we all know what happened to him).

If you want to learn more about the many faces of Dynamics NAV, call me on 0345 456 0050 (ask for Adam) and I’ll be more than happy to come and discuss this with you.

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17 Aug 2017

All systems go for the summer with mobile solutions for your business applications

Are you taking time off this summer? But do you still need to make sure to have access to vital business information?

All the business applications and solutions that Synergy Technology delivers can be adapted to ensure you have functionality out of the office, using web-based systems, WiFi and familiar BYO devices.

So this summer, take some time off, relax, but knowing that you can tap into your business information if necessary.

Universal APP for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Designed to help your business and your employees that work on the go, you can experience the power and simplicity of Microsoft Dynamics NAV using the Universal App on your preferred iOS, Android or Windows device – be it phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop – it’s all up to you.

Using the Universal App is a great solution as it puts business in the hands of remote workers (and people on leave or working from home) – Your field teams including salespeople and account managers, service engineers, executives, consultants and bookkeepers can access Dynamics NAV offsite and stay up-to-date. It also helps to improve the accuracy and timeliness of your data – with access to Dynamics NAV from all locations, the user can capture information as it arises keeping the business system and communications up-to-date.

READ OUR BLOG | Empower your workers with the Microsoft Universal App

Pocket CRM for SuperOffice

Mobile CRM or mobile customer relationship management is a CRM tool for SuperOffice designed for mobile devices including smartphones and tablets.

By connecting through mobile CRM, you, your sales team and employees on the move, have access to customer data through the CRM mobile app or through a web-based browser with cloud CRM. If your Account Manager visits a prospect and the visit subsequently requires changes regarding an in-progress deal or quote, or needs to update information whilst away from the office, this can be updated on the mobile CRM without the need to wait until the Account Manager arrives back at work, keeping your entire CRM always up to date – for everyone.

READ OUR BLOG | Work on your business and your suntan with pocket CRM!

Pegasus Mobile Sales

Now you can provide your field sales team with a great tool to use on the road or away from the office.

Mobile Sales via Pegasus Web Xchange is a dedicated sales app that will change the way your orders are taken and processed. If you have a sales team on the road, Pegasus Mobile Sales will be an invaluable tool for them to take sales orders on their mobile devices. The sales person can showcase products to the customer, take the order and send it securely back to the office to be authorised and uploaded into Opera 3 Sales Order Processing

READ OUR BLOG | Improve the way your sales team interact : Pegasus Mobile Sales

The Virtual workforce

If some of your workforce need to work from home during the summer whilst their children are off school, then the ability to work virtually presents significant benefits for your business – from reduced staff turnover to higher productivity and less stress.  Read our blog to explore why in more detail as well as looking at some of the practicalities of creating your own virtual workforce – it’s easier than you might think.

READ OUR BLOG | Engage, inspire and empower your employees

For further information on mobile solutions contact Synergy Technology on 0345 456 0050. And enjoy your summer holidays!





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10 Aug 2017

Improve the way your sales team interact : Pegasus Mobile Sales

Now you can provide your field sales team with a great tool to use on the road.

Mobile Sales via Pegasus Web Xchange is a dedicated sales app that will change the way your orders are taken and processed.

If you have a sales team on the road, Pegasus Mobile Sales will be an invaluable tool for them to take sales orders on their mobile devices. The sales person can showcase products to the customer, take the order and send it securely back to the office to be authorised and uploaded into Opera 3 Sales Order Processing.

With Pegasus Mobile Sales, the turnaround time between a customer placing an order and that order being processed is reduced significantly. This improves delivery and invoicing times, ultimately enhancing cash flow. Processing orders in this way saves time and money and improves the customer’s experience of your company.

Improve the way your sales team interact with customers

Pegasus Mobile Sales is designed to improve the way your sales team interacts with customers. Account information is provided so that the sales person can see the customer’s credit limit and current balance, a list of their outstanding invoices and due dates, and previous orders placed. The sales person therefore knows what’s been ordered, delivered and invoiced to that customer, so they have a history of the customer’s purchasing patterns. And it’s possible to define the length of time sales orders are retained on the mobile device.

In addition, Stock Enquiry allows the sales person to see what is in stock and the selling price. All of which is exactly what the sales team needs to manage customer accounts, take sales orders and send them to the office for processing.

Works even without wifi or an internet connection

Pegasus Mobile Sales is designed to work even if there’s no internet connection using cached data. Information on orders placed is stored on the mobile device until a network connection is found.

Synergy Technology is one of the UK’s leading providers of Pegasus accounting, payroll and business software solutions. We have a dedicated team of highly qualified Pegasus support technicians and software implementation experts, who can help to install, train and support your Pegasus Opera system.

Features and benefits

  • Works on Android tablets*
  • Secure communication between the mobile device and Opera 3
  • Downloads Opera 3 Stock Control to the mobile device, including stock levels and pricing
  • Sales orders from the mobile device are uploaded to Opera 3, where the sales office can approve them and import them into Sales Order Processing
  • If an order is rejected, the sales person is notified and given the reason
  • The Due Date for delivery can be specified at both Sales Order and Sales Order Lines level
  • Uses product and special pricing, invoice and settlement discounts and customer price lists
  • Showcase products to customers
  • The customer’s signature can be captured on orders and included in the order confirmation email
  • The sales person can view the status of the order, from upload to Opera 3 through to Delivered and Invoiced
  • Orders can be taken even if there’s no network service, and can be uploaded once network service is restored
  • Ideal solution for companies with sales people on the road
  • Saves your business time and money

*Ipad version due in 2017


If you have a sales team on the road, and want to improve the way they interact with customers, then contact Synergy Technology today. We are one of the UK’s leading providers of Pegasus accounting, payroll and business software solutions. We have a dedicated team of highly qualified Pegasus support technicians and software implementation experts, who can help to install, train and support your Pegasus Opera system.

Source: Pegasus Opera 2016

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